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I help women learn to trust themselves and connect more with their present moment experience - this includes emotions and the body.  Connecting in this way with your experience becomes a source of internal strength, leads to important information about the self, and allows for an experience of real change - change you can feel.  I'm in this work to help people grow, to give them an experience of relating from an authentic place where they get to have a confident and clear sense of self.  I help people find what feels most true and right for them.

Some of my specialized focuses in women's issues are:

  • Mother/daughter relationships:  Establishing healthy boundaries, finding your voice in the relationship, working through guilt and reducing a sense of responsibility, processing early abuse or emotional cut-off, and tools for self-care.


  • Grounding and organizing big feelings.   Reducing the effects of sensitive triggers that can lead to emotional flooding, angry outbursts, ambivalence in relationship, anxiety, or a sense of feeling defeated.


  • Developing trust around intimacy and authenticity.  The need to appear "tougher" than one feels inside or to deny one's "neediness."  The experience of anxiety or avoidance around intimacy and vulnerability.  The tendency to be a caretaker rather than assert one's own needs and feelings.  


  • Having difficulty finding the right relationship.  Are there patterns inhibiting you from choosing the right partner?  Perhaps - but I also trust each woman's timing and her process.  I do not believe a woman must "fix" herself before finding a mate.  What I support is a woman knowing who she is, what she needs, and what she deserves from a good relationship.  


  • Digging up the root of your self-doubt and learning how to nurture yourself.  Challenging pervasive insecurities and learning to see yourself (and your body) accurately rather than through the lens of criticism.  Also, learning how to befriend your inner critic and understand its purpose in a way that takes away its power.


  • Working through ambivalence, disappointment, and grief when life doesn't look the way you thought it would.  This can come at different phases in life: whether you are feeling the loss of identity, or the loss of a community from a big transition, or even the sense of feeling disconnected in your life even while you are surrounded by people.  I help people meet the disappointment and honor the need for mourning what has been lost or thus far unattained.


  • Being a mother.  Adapting to motherhood and the complex range of feelings that arise in this new stage of life.  Experiencing strong feelings in response to your children and wondering if your own 'stuff' is coming up.  I work to help women identify and heal from these triggers and find new ways of self-regulating and engaging their child with presence even during conflict.


  • Recovering from the trauma of childhood abuse, neglect, or mistreatment.  I have worked with the deeply engrained effects of emotional, sexual, and physical abuse in early childhood.  


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Therapy for Women in Austin TX

Therapy for Women in Austin TX