Shift Your Mood: Gratitude Walk

Sometimes it can be hard to shake a particular mood.  Often after a big transition, like moving to a new city or ending a relationship, we can find ourselves feeling apathetic, subdued, or weighted down by a feeling of sadness.  We keep moving forward but we don't do so joyfully.  I am not a big fan of the "life could be worse" mentality because it minimizes someone's right to feel their own grief and frustrations.  


I do, however, believe gratitude is a powerful force that we can use to shift our attention.  


So on a day when you are feeling particularly negative, sad, or anxious, try going on a Gratitude Walk.  The walk can take 5 minutes.  


For the entire walk, name what you are grateful for.  


Focus your mind, heart, and spirit on the goodness in your life.  It does not have to be a long walk (remember: barely any effort).  Combining the movement and structure of a short walk helps us engage the exercise with more intention and focus.


I would not recommend this unless it was something I tried myself.  It truly surprised me how effective it was.  By shifting my focus, I could shift my mood - and not just the mood du jour - but the emotional lens from which I viewed my current life.


I hope this helps you find a reprieve and a sense of peace - whether it be momentary or long-term.  And I hope that you include in your walk some of the things you are grateful for about yourself.


Be grateful also for who you are and what you bring to this world.

Davide Benati

Davide Benati