My Favorite "Mom" Support Articles

As I come across blog posts that I really appreciate about motherhood - blog posts that move me, make me laugh, or offer insight into the crazy, beautiful adventure of raising a human being - I will post them here with my favorite quotes.  

For When You Are Tightly Wound - "It’s just so loud, even when they are asleep."

Babies 'Ruin' Bodies - "If anything, I was ruined by the world before I knew her, and she made me whole again."

The 'Unnatural' Mom - "I don’t know how the “natural mom” phenomena took over common sense and our hard-fought feminism to do things our own way without the stigma of society’s expectations clouding our precious moments with our babies."

Patience Doesn't Feel Patient - "They say that bravery doesn’t feel brave or fearless because if you’re not afraid, it is something other than bravery. I guess that patience is one of those things, as well."

Goodbye Dr. Spock - "But look how it all turned out. I wound up with the three people I like best in the world."

Tough Love  - "Tough love? Yeah, I know a little bit about that. In fact, I know a LOT about that. I know how tough it is to feel loving at midnight, and 3am, and 4am, and 6am, and 8am, when the baby wakes up confused, hungry, and seeking comfort."

No Room for Nothing - "I hadn’t realized that I had an identity until he rattled it."

Broken Things - "Sometimes things break.  Sometimes we break them.  It's not the breaking that matters, the how or why.  What matters is how we choose to respond to the broken-ness."