Men's Therapy in Austin

Depression. Disconnection. Emotional intimacy.

I provide therapy for men in Austin, Texas.  I love helping men become more aware of their whole experience - bringing them down from their heads and more into their emotion and into their bodies - as that is the place from which connection happens.  While I focus on women - in part because I believe there is power in singular focus - I work with many male clients and feel just as inspired to help men grow as I do women.  If the issues I list and focus on below resonate with you, I encourage you to give me a call to connect.

  • Depression, isolation, feelings of emptiness, and a difficult time connecting with people authentically.
  • Struggling with intimacy or experiencing anxiety or avoidance around it.
  • Feeling cut-off emotionally and needing help identifying and expressing feelings.  This may be an issue in your relationships or arise in your struggle to find fulfillment and life direction.
  • Uncomfortable feeling vulnerable.  Recognizing there is a kind of "posturing" or avoidance that goes on in your interpersonal relationships.
  • Unprocessed grief and anxiety from loss or sexual/physical abuse.
  • Deepening your sense of presence in the world and in relationship.