"I like to know I am a survivor, that I am tough when it counts most, that there is a tenacious silver strand of strength that keeps my soul tied to my bones." - Jillian Lukiwski


Psychotherapy in Austin TX

Why Therapy?

Your strength and self-reliance is what has gotten you this far.  Life cracks all of us open and it can take a lot of energy, sometimes a lot of vices and defense strategies, to keep ourselves together.  At times we can see the effects of strategies that were protective in childhood but are now self-defeating in adulthood.

Without reflection, we can find ourselves experiencing anxiety or struggling in relationships without really understanding why.

While insight is important, I want my clients to experience a deeper, felt sense of who they are, what they need, and what is happening for them internally. I believe moving beyond the content of our thoughts and more into our present-moment, emotional experience presents greater opportunities for growth.

There exists within each of us a hard-wired disposition toward healing and self-righting back into the seat of the authentic self.  The healing and growth we seek wants to happen.

Therapy provides the space, the attention, and the support to facilitate this process.


By entering the work of therapy, I invite you to: 

  • Identify and change self-defeating patterns or defense strategies that contribute to your distress and difficulties in relationship.

  • Deepen your presence in relationship - thereby, deepening your capacity for intimacy, conflict, and trust.

  • Develop a tool kit of behavioral and mindfulness skills that help you manage and find relief from anxiety, depression, hypersensitivity, stress, and trauma-related symptoms.

  • Develop greater resilience to your emotional vulnerabilities without closing yourself off and sacrificing what you really want. 

  • Replace pervasive insecurity with confidence, rooted deeply in an embodied sense of your self-worth.

  • Feel deeply supported while you begin to process experiences of loss and trauma.

  • Find direction, purpose, and meaning during periods of your life when you feel lost or unhappy.